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When you sign up for Dan Booking for business use, you can create your company profile and develop appointment calendar profiles that accept online bookings from customers 24/7 who have already signed up for Dan Booking.

You can efficiently manage calendars, reservations, and customer profiles and access various management features, including automated acceptance and notifications. Furthermore, you can easily customize the details of each Service you offer within your calendar profile, and these details will be prominently displayed in your company profile for your customers to see.

Dan Booking offers Business accounts for businesses seeking services under the Basic or Premium plan. These accounts are billed in advance monthly during the billing cycle. You can review the pricing details for Dan Booking by visiting our website at DanBooking.com/pricing

No, you don't need special training or knowledge to create and manage your corporate profile on Dan Booking. Our Application is designed to simplify the booking and management process, offering the best mobile booking experience for your convenience. Our user-friendly platform is designed to be easy to create, use, and accessible. However, if you need assistance, our Support Center is available during business hours via email: [email protected] and at +357 22279290 to help you.

Creating a business account on Dan Booking is free. You'll only be required to pay through your credit card when your free subscription ends and you wish to continue using Dan Booking's Business services under one of their subscription plans.

Yes, that's correct. Dan Booking's Business subscription renews every month. If you need to cancel your subscription, you can do so at any time during your billing period without incurring any penalty.

Your Business appointment calendar on Dan Booking is exclusively accessible to you. Customers can request specific services and view available time slots on working days only. However, with the Premium option, you can grant access to others to record, view, and manage your company data and calendars through the settings. In conclusion, every customer who registers and requests services from you is automatically added to your company's unique customer list. However, the same customer may also appear in the lists of other businesses if they avail services from them as well. Dan Booking only requires the customer's Name and phone number for registration

To get started with Dan Booking, follow these steps:

1. Register your personal profile first, then create your Business's corporate profile.

2. Create calendars and services separately for each calendar, specifying the duration and cost of each Service, and then select the working days and hours.

3. Once you have set up your Business Profile, calendars and services, you can submit for approval to access fully the application functionality.

4. Add the names and phone numbers of customers who have already booked reservations with you.

5. Choose the date and time for all the services for each customer separately so that your already appointed time slots are reserved. 

6. Furthermore, you can authorize access to particular calendars or share the App's administration with other users if required. Additionally, you can integrate the Holidays feature and manage your subscriptions to ensure a comprehensive experience.

With these simple steps, you can efficiently manage your business appointments using Dan Booking's App.

To include the bookings that have been made in the Dan Booking App, please follow to the following instructions:


1. Choose your customer's Name from the App's Customer list and follow the booking process to add the appointment. If the customer has not booked a service via the App to your Business, then you have to add the Name and phone number of the customer. Then follow the standard procedure to choose the Service, date and available time to complete the reservation.

2. Inform your customers to download and use Dan Booking for upcoming bookings, which can be done instantly.

For sure, you can. However, Danbooking recommends using the auto-accept option for a more efficient and seamless experience for you and your customers. When a service is requested, all available time slots are shown based on the estimated time needed for the tasks. If auto-accept is selected, the booking confirmation is done automatically, and the App reserves the necessary time for the Service. Nevertheless, if auto-accept is not chosen, the reservation remains pending until you manually accept or cancel it. Once you confirm or cancel a reservation, the customer is notified through app notifications.

It's important to note that if you haven't accepted/confirmed a reservation, the specific time slot (day and time) will still appear available and may be requested by other customers. Additionally, suppose a pending service is not accepted within the designated timeframe and the time limit expires. In that case, the Service will be automatically "Auto-Cancelled", and a cancel notification will be sent accordingly. Furthermore, any accepted services can be cancelled at any time before the appointment, and both you and the client will be notified of any changes in the status, and the calendar will update accordingly.

Duration-based calendars are designed to adapt to your time availability and the duration of each Service requested. When multiple services are requested, the default completion time is calculated, and Danbooking displays only the available time slots to ensure that all tasks can be completed.

On the other hand, the Preset Time Calendar operates based on the maximum capacity per class or space for a specific day and time. For example, suppose a yoga class can accommodate up to six people. In that case, the time slot for that particular class, day, and time will be available until six individuals have reserved that class. Additionally, if your Business, for example, runs two 6X6 football Fields, you can create two single calendars for each field or one calendar with two available fields with specific working hours.

No, customers do not have access to other customers' data. They only have access to their personalized activity log, created by Danbooking exclusively for them. Customers can only view the business information you choose to show, the booking services you offer, and the available time slots when a service is requested.

Certainly! You can add clients to your customer list at any time. However, please note that the customer you have added may appear twice in your inventory if he registers in Danbooking and requests services through the App.

If someone makes arbitrary or intentional reservations to block your calendar, you can stop their phone device from accessing your page. Detecting such activity is straightforward, as you can easily view the reservations, cancellations, and no-shows of anyone who has used your page at any time.

If requested, the option to prepay part or the entire amount of the services you offer during the reservation is unavailable. The Service may be available in a future update.

The time availability intervals for the time slots in calendars created under the 'Working Hours' type are fixed at 10 minutes and cannot be changed. However, based on the data collected from your appointments, the duration may be adjusted later to meet your needs better. On the other hand, the duration of time slots in calendars operating based on fixed 'Time Slots' can be changed by adjusting the settings accordingly.

Upon signing up for a Business account, you will receive a comprehensive manual via email that provides detailed instructions on utilizing the Application effectively.

User Manual for Business Application
January 2024


When you sign up as a customer on Dan Booking, you can access Dan Booking Business inventory and book services 24/7 from registered companies. This provides you with the convenience of a personalized calendar that displays all your bookings made through Dan Booking. Moreover, you will receive timely notifications to ensure you are well informed about your upcoming appointments.

No. Creating a Customer account and using it is free.


No. Creating a Business Account and switching from personal to Business can be done with one click.

No, there is no need for special training or qualifications to set up your profile and start using it. You can easily register using your Google or Facebook account or through a mobile number.

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