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Add your logo, your company description, and pictures of your company or services.

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Create individual calendars for each service you provide. 

Name the Calendar service, add a description to display, and set the
weekly working hours.

Furthermore add all the services on each calendar with a description, duration and price to display.



Dan Booking Manual

We have composed a useful manual with more details on how to work with Dan

Dan Booking Manual



When you sign up for danbooking for business use, you can create your company profile and develop appointment calendars profiles that accept online bookings from customers 24/7 who have already signed up to danbooking.

In any calendar profile, you can add the details of each service you provide, that will be displayed ın your company profile. You can access management features such as automated acceptance and   notifications. Additionally you can administrate calendars, reservations and customers profiles. 

No. Creating a user and business account is free. You only need to provide a credit card number when your free subscription expires, and you use a business danbooking Basic or Premium account.  

Yes. Danbooking Business subscription renews every month. You can cancel your monthly subscription anytime during your billing period without penalty.

Danbooking user app account is free to create and use. However, Basic and Premium Business accounts are charged monthly during the billing cycle in advance. See our pricing danbooking/pricing

Your appointment calendar is available exclusively to you. Customers can request specific services and see the available time slots on working days only. However, the Premıum option can be accessed by those you give the right to record/view/manage your company data and calendars in the settings. If the management settings service is not available, it means that your account has only one login password and is the one that was verified during the registration process. Every registered customer automatically adds to your company’s unique customer list once he requests service from you. However, the same customer will be available in the lists of any other business in case he uses their services. Danbooking only requires name and phone number for customers.

First register your personal profile, and then create your corporate profile of your business. Develop the calendars and services of each calendar separately and select the working days and hours. Add the names and phone numbers of your customers who have already booked reservations. Then choose the date and time of all the services for each customer separately so that the specific slots  will be reserved, and you are ready to go online. At any time, you inform your customers to download and use danbooking for their bookings online and instantly. Customers who insist on calling, it is very easy to manage their appointments. While communicating, choose his/her name from your list, or add it in the case is not already there, and proceed yourself with the process to book his/her appointment. Your calendar is ready and no need for any other action.

Danbookıng suggests the operation and use of the application having auto accept selected for a more effective and better experience for you and your customers. All the available time slots are shown for each service requested, depending on the time needed to complete the tasks. When selected, the booking confirmation is done automatically with the auto-accept option, and the app reserves the time necessary for the required tasks. If auto-accept is not chosen, the reservation remains pending until you accept or cancel the reservation. Once you confirm or cancel the reservation, the customer is notified via the app notifications. It is crucial to know that when you have not accepted/confirmed the reservation, the specific time slot (day and time) continues to appear available and may be requested by other customers. All accepted services can be cancelled any time before the appointment. You and the client are informed whenever the status changes and the schedule in the calendar updates. During the work and afterwards, if a service does not accept, the calendar updates as non-appearance.


Duration-based calendars depend on your time availability and the duration of each service requested. When more services are requested, the default completion time adds up, and danbooking displays only the available slots so all tasks can complete. The Preset Time Calendar runs with the maximum capacity per class or space on a specific day and time. That is, if six people can practice in a yoga class, then the time slot for that class, day and time will appear until six individuals reserve the specific course.

No they have no access to other customers’ data. Customers only have access to their personalized activity log created by danbooking for them only. Customers can view only the business information you want to show, the booking services you offer and the the available slots when a service is requested.

Of course. You can add your clients to the customer list at any time. However, the customer details you have added will be updated whenever customers register themselves in danbooking. Finally, your client’s data at your disposal will be the ones your customer will officially register in the application.

No, you do not need special training to prepare your corporate profile nor special knowledge to use it. Danbooking, in any case, supports its customers at the Support Center or +357 22816106 during business hours. It is designed to facilitate the booking and management process in the simplest possible way that is accessible, and to offer the best mobile booking experience.

The services offered by danbookıng in business packages are performed exclusively by the same application and can not be linked to any other available booking or calendar management application. However, danbookıng customers can sync their bookings with their default ıos & android calendars, once the booking has been confirmed and the user has chosen to integrate.

If someone arbitrarily or intentionally makes reservations to block your Calendar, you can stop their phone device for use on your page. Detecting such use by anyone is very simple since you can know at any time the reservations, cancellations and no-shows of anyone who has used your page


No. The option to prepay part or the entire amount of the services you will offer during the reservation, if requested, will be available in a subsequent upgrade

Τhe time availability intervals of the time slots between them, for the calendars which are created under ‘Working Hours’ type, are fixed at 15′ and cannot be changed. However, with  the collection of data of your appointments, the duration can be varied to better serve your needs. The duration of the time slots operating on the basis of fixed calendars ‘Time Slots’ can be changed by setting them under the procedure. 

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